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Pristine Dress Laundering & Laundry Service

Laundry Folded in Baskets - Laundry Service

Turn to UP TO DATE CLEANERS in Koloa, Hawaii, for pristine dress laundering and all your other laundry service needs. We’ll take the weight off your shoulders by ensuring everything is clean for you. Typical laundry is much different from dry cleaning, and we launder cotton shirts, aloha shirts, khakis, linen, and more. Your clothing will be thoroughly washed, pressed, hung, and clear wrapped for protection. We take great pride in our work and ensure no more than a three-day turnaround.

Wedding Dresses

Dress laundering, especially for wedding dresses, is a delicate process. It could include dry cleaning or simply pressing your dress to make sure it looks perfect. Whether you’re wearing something extravagant or something simple, we can make it look great, especially if it was in a suitcase or shipped in for you. We meet with you and discuss your needs and the complexity of the dress to ensure that your dress looks perfect for your special day.

Fluff N’ Fold

Our Fluff N’ Fold laundry service is a simple service where everything goes in a laundry bag, gets washed, folded, and placed back in the bag. Informal clothing such at t-shirts, shorts, and other basics get washed this way so you don’t have to handle your own laundry.

Contact us for skilled laundry service and dress laundering.